Nargis Khamdamova

I have always been fascinated by the mystery of consciousness, brain power, people’s science, human emotions, and cultural diversity. My rebellious curiosity was driving my wonder of why people are the way they are, why they act a certain way, how they express their fear and sadness, joy and happiness. My obsession with foreign languages began as a teenager when I wanted to travel around the world. I grew up in different parts of the former Soviet Union, where I was exposed to cultural diversity and fell in love with ethnic traditions. The insights and perspectives I drew from my intercultural and linguistic experiences added another cognitive dimension to my personal growth. Living in different continents and different countries helped me discover the very nature of shared human experiences, how psychology affects neurobiology, how human beings influence each other consciously and unconsciously. Speaking in eight languages made me realize that, as humans, we have a universal language to communicate, and we are all meant to learn and evolve constantly in the school of consciousness. Being a mom to three amazing human beings made me an exceptional student. I have learnt so much from my own children, the questions my parents couldn’t answer, my children did. They are my biggest achievement in life.

Eleven years ago, I hit rock bottom and nearly lost everything I cared about and desire to live. Every cell in my body was wrapped and soaked in sadness, my soul was in such pain that my body could sense it viscerally. My mental health was so polluted and unbalanced that I was living by default. I became determined to heal and move forward as naturally and safely as possible from health conditions and an injury that had previously left me sick and depressed. Because of my personal journey, I take a holistic approach to my work. My long standing-standing passion for neuroscience, human behavior and peak performance shaped my purpose in life as a wellness coach. Today, I’m passionate about creating a safe space for men and women to reflect and own their power and autonomy, align their mind, body, and soul to thrive in life. My philosophy states: Healthy Thoughts, Heathy You. I apply this philosophy to create a mental equilibrium, the eco-system that cultivates mental resilience by aligning our thoughts, emotions, and body energy in one direction. I believe the transformation happens when all these dimensions are synchronized.

I gently incorporate a healing presence to my work through compassion, deep listening, empathy, as well as my training in cognitive behavioral mindfulness, balanced nutrition, neurolinguistic programming, meditation, peak performance, and hypnotherapy. I now focus my life experience and knowledge to serve people and help them thrive by optimizing their vitality through growth mindset, functional foods, functional movements, and self-awareness.

Thank you for visiting the page of my life and allowing me to be part of yours. It’s marvelous!

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